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Engagements ∝ Weddings

A relaxed atmosphere while we shoot at any location of your choosing. The seemingly transparent connection between people is what usually gives us the richest stories of our lives. Embarking on a new journey under the glory of a union based on just that connection, alone–well… it is definitely something to capture. Often times–we forget who we were right before we took those first steps. I’m here to help you remember.

–2nd Day Shoots & Premium Retouched Image Options
–Password Protected Online Gallery & Print Package(s)

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It can sometimes be daunting to execute the flow of your ideas and visions. Be it the execution or the continuous over-analyzing that creatives do–trust me when I say that I’ve definitely been there. Sometimes you need an extra push or someone who will directly a part of the process to bounce ideas off of and help you capture the vision that flashed in your head while brushing your teeth Tuesday morning. Editorial works are by far my absolute favorite. This package is definitely here for the imagination that creatives, freedom thinkers, artists, and dreamers can hardly quiet.

–Conceptualization Moodboard
–Print Ready High Res Corrected Images
–Premium Retouching Options & Password Protected Online Gallery

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These sessions tend to be the most easy-going for clients. Usually filled with energy and last minute ideas to really turn out some gorgeous diversity. Events, Graduations, Senior Shoots, Newborns, Family Photos, the whole shebang. From shooting at homes to barns, farms, urban areas, woodlands, and backyards–portraiture and lifestyle photography really leaves room for the client to make it up as they go and I am so down to capture whatever it is that you come up with.

–Print Ready High Res Corrected Images
–Premium Retouching Options & Password Protected Online Gallery

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Professional Makeup Artistry

As a professional makeup artist–it has taken me years to learn and respect skin. All skin. I am a hands-on artist with attentive skills. Doubling as my own makeup artist grants me the fluidity behind the camera for many necessary shots. As a photographer I’ve learned that cameras, lenses, and even lighting are not always very kind to skin and post production can easily take things too far. I’ve prepped for this and offer quite an extensive ability to conceptualize your personal image of beauty for whichever occasion you desire.

–Bridal Package Consultations
–Conceptual & High Fashion
–Glamour & Fresh Face

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a friend?

First time client’s usually feel that posing in front of someone they know will help things feel more organic. This usually makes them feel even more self-conscious. I want all of my clients to be satisfied with the final product so I recommend that only those whom are to be photographed be present. If a client insists I will not object after providing this disclaimer.


There is a 50% deposit due at the signing of the Contract for Services.

When will my photographs be ready?

Ah, yes. This is usually disclosed within the contact that varies upon each individual client package. There are enhancements, editing, and in depth retouching that can sometimes take hours per photograph. Rest assured–you’ll have your babies on time and perfected as promised.

More questions?

Contact me for answers.