Carly B.

this shoot was to capture the intimacy and the care of someone’s relationship with self.
soft and seemingly invasive—i followed this beautiful human around her home and throughout six hours of her day; shooting her initiating and engaging in some of her self-care rituals; the wholeness and the happenings of what she does to nurture and love herself when she is alone.
i do hope that you enjoy the visualization of this closeness.
from personal experience, i have garnered that many of our self-care rituals are often overlooked and habitually initiated. the slow down of six hours allowed me to really pay attention to the attentiveness that someone else had for themselves; the emphasis that they placed on every single seemingly small act of kindness and acknowledgement for themselves.
carly, it was such an honor to be able to capture these moments.
i thank you for choosing me to be the one to tell your story with imagery.
i also loved being in your space and being granted that introspective space to watch you ‘person’.