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Most frequent questions and answers

I’m upbeat, energetic, positive and super detail-oriented.

I have the confidence and experience to be respectfully assertive β€” an important skill to have when herding cats (ahem, wedding parties), ha!

I’m also extremely structured when it comes to communication, contracts and coordination. The more I know about you and your vision in advance–the better I can anticipate and capture those fleeting moments!

When planning or mapping out your shoot–it is best to get a moldboard ready; a group of images, patterns, and even articles that help culminate your concept.

This will help you with posing, dressing, and even conceptualizing images that you’ll love and have forever;

the ones that tell the story.

First time client’s usually feel that posing in front of someone they know will help things feel more organic.

This usually makes them feel even more self-conscious.

I want all of my clients to be satisfied with the final product so I recommend that only those whom are to be photographed be present. If a client insists I will not object after providing this disclaimer.

On a lovely password-protected online gallery.

This is where you will download all your high resolution, fully corrected, ready to print images.

I also offer many professional print-packages and credits.

This particular method of image editing is designed for professional portfolios of actors and models– however, beneficial to all clients.

This method is great for your online portfolio and portfolio printing purposes.

I cover all the all the features of standard image correction alongsideΒ full body retouching, stray hairs removal, eyes and lips enhancements, full body retouching, accessories and props retouching, etc.

premium retouching can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours PER IMAGE and this is why i make sure to include some images to have this feature in all of my packages as well as charge additionally for each additional image per contracted package.

Of course! I do ask that you credit me:
@b.eeeng on Instagram
or reference my website:

–as referrals and word of mouth help me sustain and grow my business! πŸ™‚


Most of my packages already contain quite a bit of versatility depending on a client’s needs but i am more than ready to offer a custom package. πŸ™‚


We will definitely go over pricing upon our first meeting (whether virtual or in-person) where there is a 50% deposit due at the signing of the Contract for Services.

This ensures that my services and your end-product will be off to a good (and secure) start.

We’ve got options! I have quite a few galleries of various outdoor and studio locations.

I love photographing families in the intimacy and comfort of their own homes, (this is particularly true for baby photos).

We can also do the session around your neighborhood or at a park you frequently go to — there’s something really nice about kids feeling comfortable in and familiar with their surroundings, and having photos that capture what might be a typical day for you and your loved ones.

That said, I’m always up for an adventure!

If you have somewhere you’d like to try in mind, I’m open to your to your ideas.

I’ll just want to make sure we’ll have access to natural light, and a few other consideration, but please feel free to share your thoughts.

No need to fret!

All of my contracts & Packages include a weather permit for unforeseeable weather forecasts run amuck!

Ah, yes.

This is usually disclosed within the contact that varies upon each individual client package.

There are enhancements, editing, and in depth retouching that can sometimes take hours per photograph.

Rest assured–you’ll have your babies on time and perfected as promised.

As soon as a Photographer takes a photo–they are the sole legal owner of said photo.

This can be crippling to client’s who are ready to print high-resolution images (hopefully professionally lol)–only to be asked to provide PRINTING RIGHTS.

ALL of my packages have got you covered. πŸ™‚

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